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People first, partners always.

Explore remote-friendly, flexible opportunities. Come join our community where people come first, and collaboration is the cornerstone of success.

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At Aptum, we live and work by the mantra ‘people first, partners always’ because, at our core, we are people serving the needs of real people — and it’s our employees who make this mission possible. We pride ourselves on being an outstanding employer and partnering with industry leaders to serve our customers. Our culture is built on a foundation of trust, respect, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


Our Values

We believe that nurturing a culture of respect, support, and empowerment cultivates exceptional talent while forging enduring partnerships with our community, propelling us all toward collective greatness.


Adapt, innovate, and continuously improve

For us, adaptability is not just the meaning of our name, but our way of life. We’re all about staying nimble and embracing change with open arms. If you think creatively and aren’t afraid to shake things up to crack the tough nuts, you’ll feel right at home with us.


We want you to feel and do your best at work. To help support that, we have curated a range of benefits and resources to enhance your overall experience with us. From health and wellness initiatives to professional development opportunities, we've got you covered. Explore the perks of being part of the Aptum family:

Work hard, play hard, and pay it forward

  • Remote-first environment
  • Minimum 3 weeks’ vacation
  • Duvet or Personal Days
  • Wellness Days
  • Community Volunteer Days

Worry less about the future and contingencies

  • Retirement plan with employer matching program
  • Bonus or commission plans
  • Unlimited sick days
  • Health and wellness benefits
  • Lifestyle reimbursements

Personal growth

  • Learning & development opportunities
  • Education reimbursement programs
  • Participate in certification programs from the best in the industry

Culture champions

  • Together we reinvent, embrace change and create value for our customers
  • An opportunity to work with team members around the globe
  • Build a more sustainable world–embedded in everything we do
  • Participate in unique team-building
  • Collaborative work environment


From fundraising art projects to food drives, our teams do it all – and we have a blast doing it together! Join us as we roll up our sleeves and spread some serious goodwill, one fun-filled initiative at a time.

Rika The Rhino Reborn!

Rika The Rhino Reborn!

When we moved our office in Southampton, we donated our beloved Rika the Rhino to the children at the nearby Mount Pleasant Junior School. To make the donation extra special, the school linked up with the ‘Care for Wild Rhino’ charity and made this an educational opportunity for the pupils.

Emily said, “Team Kifaru set off learning all about rhinos before launching a school-wide competition to design Rika’s makeover. The judging panel was made up of rangers from Ol Pejeta, the founder of ‘Care for Wild’, Petronel Nieuwoudt, as well as Linda Norman and Pete Bunting as former Aptum staff who helped with the donation of Rika. The winning designs were then combined and Rika was painted by children across the school. The design features scenes of endangered animals across the world, information about rhinos, and patterns from all the countries where rhinos are indigenous.”

On World Rhino Day, Rika was unveiled in all her new glory! The whole school took part in the celebrations, with children and teachers alike dressing up in animal costumes and safari outfits. During their morning assembly, they linked live to the ‘Care for Wild’ sanctuary in South Africa! We’re delighted that Rika has found a new home and thank the whole of Mount Pleasant Junior School for taking such great care of her!

Daily Bread Food Bank

Daily Bread Food Bank

151 employees. 2 hours of giving back = 302 hours or 38 days volunteered in the community!

• Wrote 175 thank-you cards to new Daily Bread supporters ensuring the sustainability of city-wide food programs

• 16,728 lbs of food sorted – enough food for 836 families for 2.5 days

• 1600 soup portions packed for delivery to meal programs

• 480 individual meal portions packaged for delivery through Red Cross to marginalized neighbours who are unable to physically access food banks

• 200 lbs of carrots rescued from food waste and prepared for food bank users

Say Goodnight to Hunger

Say Goodnight to Hunger

The Aptum Grow event helped Omni Hotels & Resorts in their mission to Say Goodnight to Hunger.

Because Aptum held a series of meetings at the King Edward Hotel on February 3-6, Omni Hotels & Resorts donated 400 meals to feed families in need in our community.

Thank you, Aptum.

Meet The Team

When you work at Aptum, you have the opportunity to work with one of the finest (and funniest) groups of people. Not only do they excel at what they do, but at dad jokes too! Meet some of them:

Global Director, Service Assurance

Mark Bolen

“As the Global Director of Service Assurance at Aptum, my journey from Sales Engineer to leadership has taught me the importance of adaptability, dedication, and a customer-first approach. Every role I’ve held has shaped my ability to ensure exceptional service delivery, reinforcing Aptum as a partner dedicated to client success.”

Manager, Development Operations

Emma Gautrey

"At Aptum, my role as Manager of Development Operations revolves around ensuring our software systems are robust and adaptable, facilitating rapid change to meet business demands. Starting as a Software Developer and growing into leadership, I've learned that success hinges on understanding both the intricate connections of our systems and the unique strengths of our team. It’s incredibly rewarding to lead initiatives that simplify complexities and enhance functionality, directly contributing to our collective achievements.”

Account Manager

David Blankinship

“In my role as an Inside Account Manager at Aptum, I manage relationships with over 190 clients, focusing on mutual growth and success. Since joining in 2017, I've found that success comes from being determined, responsive, and trustworthy. What motivates me daily is the opportunity to learn and adapt in our fast-paced environment, ensuring I can provide the best possible support to help our clients—and in turn, Aptum—thrive. Every day brings a new challenge, and that's what keeps me driven.”

Cloud Migration Specialist

Joshua Hyles

“As a Cloud Migration Specialist, I spend most of my time migrating workloads to the Azure cloud from on-prem and other cloud providers. It is my job to ensure the compatibility and functionality of systems work in their new home in the cloud. With a focus on IaaS deployments, customers rely on my skills to make the transition to the cloud.”

Practice Lead - Azure

Joseph Baqaeen

“I work hard to establish a trusting relationship with my customers. I strive for this by coming up with solutions tailored specifically for them and providing advice when needed, whether or not it’s directly related to the issue at hand.”

System Administrator II

Traci Hardnett

“I am resolution-oriented and empathetic to the client’s challenge and the adverse effect it can have on their business. I strive to resolve each issue as efficiently as possible to have a minimum impact on our clients. The key to this approach is to understand as much about the problem or inquiry as possible to prevent any unnecessary delay on the path to resolution.”

Lead Architect – Network

Ben Kennedy

“Puzzles take many forms; such as solutioning for a potential customer, or solving some underlying network issue for an existing customer. Solving puzzles is what gets me out of bed in the morning.”